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How and what you think, feel, and act affects your body in either a positive or negative manner. Because children must be healthy and well nourished in order to learn, Head Start pays particular attention to a child’s health concerns. Head Start ensures that all enrolled children have timely immunizations, screenings and health examinations per state Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) and the Center of Disease Control and Prevention program requirements. (see schedule)

To promote healthy development, every child needs a source of continuous, accessible health care that is available even after the child leaves Head Start.

CCSDHS Health Component offers:

  • Referrals to local healthcare professionals for those families without a medical or dental home.
  • Referrals and follow-up are provided for health problems identified on all physical and dental exams.
  • Health education and training provided by CCSDHS to staff, parents, and children.
  • Immunization schedules and reminders provided for children identifies as being delinquent.
  • Developmental screenings that allow for early detection of health and developmental concerns.

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Children with private health insurance, ARKids First-A (Medicaid), or ARKids First-B coverage need to have a EPSDT Physical Examination physical form and Dental Verification dental form completed by a physician and dentist prior to entry into the Head Start Program.

ARKids Application: to learn about free or low cost health insurance for children.

Required Child Care Immunizations (from pg 49 of the Minimum Licensing Requirements for Child Care Centers publication – Arkansas Department of Health & Human Services – Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education – Child Care Licensing Unit.)

Community Health Centers

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