Mental Health

Mental Health impacts how people perceive themselves, how they relate to others, how successful they feel, how constructively they cope with different situations and emotions, and their willingness to invest in learning. We strive to address our children’s needs in all areas of development- physical, social, emotional, and cognitive-and to provide support and assistance to all those who affect the child’s development.

Mental Health Services:

  • Classroom Observations by Licensed Mental Health Professionals
  • Screenings and Assessments to establish child’s social-emotional development
  • Trainings for parents and staff, provided by Licensed Mental Health Professionals
  • Referrals to a Mental Health Provider for children and their families.
  • On site child and family services/case management provided by Mental Health Professionals and Para-Professionals.

By implementing the above services, CCSDHS works towards prevention and early intervention for the overall goal of social competence for each of our students.